Mt Lofty District Football Club - established 1978. A Grade premiers in 1981, 1986, 1990, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2014.
Mt Lofty District Football Club

About the Club

The Mt Lofty District Football Club is a proud club based in the Adelaide Hills town of Heathfield. Our family friendly club boasts 4 Senior teams (2 men and 2 women) and 13 Junior teams, which participate in the Hills Football League, SA Womens Football League and the SA Football League. The club has a history of success and always welcomes new players and members. The Mt Lofty District Football Club is based at Heathfield Oval, and stages both junior and senior matches under its floodlights.

Following a testing period, the club would find itself playing within the HFL’s second division in 2014, after the league’s rarely used relegation rules were put into motion following the 2013 season.

The club responded strongly, winning four of the five premierships on offer to ensure promotion back to the top tier after just one season. With a youthful senior squad, the club commenced its mission to return to the upper echelon of the division one competition.

2016 brought one of the biggest changes in the club’s history, with the addition of a women’s team to its ranks. Affiliated with the South Australian Women’s Football League (SAWFL), the inaugural team led by coach Shaun Gould and captain Shae Pacifico-Hart took the division two competition by storm, finishing the minor round on top of the table before ultimately falling in the title decider at Thebarton Oval. The club’s commitment to its new female program was rewarded at the SAWFL presentation evening where the MLFDC was named as the ‘Club of the Year’ – quite a feat in its inaugural season. An additional senior women’s team and an Under 18 girls team were added for the 2017 campaign.

Current Committee

President Kym Welsby
Secretary Jo Paddick
Treasurer Sally Arnoul
Senior Football Director Tony Cox
Junior Football Coordinator Mark O'Malley
Social Coordinator Alex Weeks & Phoebe Rowberry
Merchandise Shae Pacifico-Hart
Sports Club Leith Dawes
Sponsorship Sub-Committee Ian Deans, Sue Johnson, Ella Germein, Tony Johnson
Communications Matt Pistola



Seniors/General Jo Paddick 0417 801 002
Womens Shaun Gould 0422 055 898
Juniors Mark O'Malley 0402 281 511
Moddies/Junior GIrls Gill May 0400 432 869
SANFL (U12s) Kerrie Rawlinson 0417 082 826


Club History

The Mt Lofty District Football Club was formed in the summer of late 1978 through an amalgamation of the Stirling and Heathfield-Aldgate United clubs. It marked the latest chapter of a rich history of football in the local area, which over various spans since the early 1900s, had featured teams from Stirling, Crafers, Aldgate, and Heathfield displaying success.

The name of Mt Lofty was chosen, reflecting the name of the original association which covered the area in the 1930s, and also signified the location for the new club, which had earned affiliation into the then metropolitan-based SAFA competition. As such, the emblem of the 'Mountain Devils' was also adopted, as were the red and white colors.

The foundation Stirling and Heathfield-Aldgate United clubs carried a vast tradition of success, as between them they had taken part in 25 grand finals, between 1946 and 1978.

Heathfield-Aldgate United had particularly carved a uniquely outstanding record in its 12 years of competition within the Hills Football League. From its opening A-grade premiership victory in the Hills League's inaugural 1967 season, to the club's final grand final win by the B-grade side in 1978, a tally of 30 premierships were won by the 'red and green machine’ over its existence. The period also featured a run of 88 undefeated matches by the club's A-grade side.

Despite creating a fierce rivalry in their time, the two neighboring clubs agreed to merge, and on December 1, 1978, both parties ceased to exist as individual clubs, with the formation of the Mt Lofty club. Giving the Hills representation in a city-based competition, the Devils more than performed admirably in a football environment far diverse from previous involvements. The A and B-grade sides made the grand final in the first season of 1979, before the A-grade secured the Division 2 premiership in 1981, resulting in a promotion to the top-tier SAFA competition. At the end of 1985, Mt Lofty opted to return to the Hills League competition, steeled in the knowledge it had acquitted itself well, winning a premiership and playing in several other major finals.

The club immediately made an impact back in HFL ranks, taking out the A and B-grade premierships in 1986. A further A-grade premiership followed in 1990.
After a lengthy break of success, Mt Lofty returned with a vengeance in the 2006 season, scoring premiership victories in A and B-grade and Senior Colts, to earn triple crowns for the second time in the club’s history, the previous occasion being in 1990. Vice-captain Adam Trzesinski also became the club’s first A-grade Mail Medallist.

The club maintained it’s strong position over the 2007 season, once again achieving the triple premiership feat with victories in the A-grade, B-grade and Senior Colts.

In 2008, Mt Lofty's A-grade team secured a piece of HFL history by becoming the first side in 30 years, since Heathfield-Aldgate United, to secure three consecutive premierships in the league's top tier of competition, after defeating Blackwood in the grand final.

Since Mt Lofty's inaugural season of 1979, the Devils have won a healthy share of premierships through the various grades, interspersed with a number of other grand final appearances.

Year Grade Coach
1980 SAFA U/16 Mark Custance
1981 SAFA A Grade Wayne Broadbridge
1983 HFL A3 Grade Ross Noble
1984 HFL A3 Grade Ross Noble
1986 HFL A Grade Peter Munn
1986 HFL B Grade Bryan Moulds
1987 HFL A3 Grade Jeff Pistola
1988 HFL B Grade Michael Hayward
1988 HFL A3 Grade Jeff Pistola
1989 HFL B Grade Michael Hayward
1990 HFL A Grade Andrew Downes
1990 HFL B Grade Michael Hayward
1990 HFL Junior Colts Trevor Nairn
1994 HFL B Grade Rob Penny
1998 HFL Senior Colts Dennis Dolman
1999 HFL Junior Colts Rob Penny and
John Bowes
2002 HFL Senior Colts Dennis Dolman
2004 HFL Senior Colts Brock Gifford
2005 HFL B Grade Gerald Petersen
2006 HFL Senior Colts Trevor Gould
2006 HFL B Grade Gerald Petersen
2006 HFL A Grade Nathan Grainger
2007 HFL Senior Colts Trevor Gould
2007 HFL B Grade Scott Madsen
2007 HFL A Grade Nathan Grainger
2008 HFL A Grade Ben Coleman
2010 HFL B Grade Justin Calderbank
2012 HFL C Grade Luke Stephenson
2014 HFL A Grade (Div 2) Bruce Dawes
2014 HFL B Grade (Div 2) Scott Huff
2014 HFL Senior Colts (Div 2) Mark Nielsen & Sam Miles
2014 HFL U13s (Div 2) Dave Giles
Grand Final Appearances
1979 SAFA A Grade Keith Koehne
1979 SAFA B Grade John Pritchard
1981 SAFA B Grade David Evans
1982 HFL A3 Grade Ross Noble
1986 HFL A3 Grade Peter Milde
1986 HFL Senior Colts David Lemonnier
1987 HFL B Grade Michael Hayward
1989 HFL A3 Grade Jeff Pistola
1991 HFL A Grade
(Div 2)
Jeff Pistola
1992 HFL Senior Colts Gerald Petersen
1995 HFL Junior Colts Jon James and
Darren Vercoe
2000 HFL Senior Colts Dennis Dolman
2002 HFL Junior Colts Marlon Coats
2003 HFL Senior Colts Dennis Dolman
2008 HFL B Grade Scott Madsen
2008 HFL Junior Colts Gerald Petersen
2009 HFL Junior Colts Gerald Petersen
2011 HFL Junior Colts Rick Bennett
2016 SAWFL Div 2 Shaun Gould
Life Members
Year Name
1986 Frank Clements*
1986 John Coventry
1986 Harvey Dawes*
1986 Herman DeRoos
1986 Cliff House*
1986 Richard Melhuish
1986 Allan Miller
1988 Peter Milde
1989 John Stoddard
1989 John Roe*
1990 Jill Dawes
1990 John Bowes
1990 Kevin Hampton
1991 Simon Marsh
1992 David Evans
1992 Darryl Hampton
1992 Geoff Hampton
1995 Dennis Earl
1995 Jeff Pistola
1996 David Lemonnier
1996 John Kerr*
2000 Rick Smith
2001 Robert Penny
2001 Leith Dawes
2001 Steven Milde
2004 Lorraine Pawlak
2006 Ralph Wandner
2006 Dennis Dolman
2007 Deb Milde
2011 Pete 'Buzz' Gray
2011 Paul Clements
2012 Bruce Dawes
2014 Trevor Gould
2014 Richard Bennett
2015 Brad Burch
2015 Sarah Bennett

* denotes deceased

Other Notable Achievements
Brad Burch - 260 games amd counting
1997, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013
2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
1986: Senior Colts. 1988: B-grade. 1990: B-grade. 1991: A-grade, 1995: Junior Colts. 1998: Senior Colts. 1999: Junior Colts. 2002: Junior Colts. 2006: B-grade, A-Grade. 2007: B-Grade, 2008 - A-Grade. 2009 - A-Grade, Junior Colts. 2014 - A-Grade, B-Grade, Senior Colts, U13s.
(Best overall performed Divisional club)
2006, 2014
Winners 2008
HUTTON/POLE MEMORIAL TROPHY (Senior Colts against Ironbank)
Winners 2010, 2011, 2012


A Grade Best & Fairest
Year Player
1979 Tom Deans
1980 Mark Custance
1981 Geff Hampton
1982 Robert Penny
1983 Shayne McDonald
1984 Robert Penny
1985 Dean Pangrazio
1986 Mark Custance
1987 Tom Deans
1988 John Porter
1989 Steve Little
1990 Guy Uren
1991 Kym Bartlett
1992 Kym Bartlett
1993 Leith Dawes/Ian Willmott
1994 Kym Welsby
1995 Anthony Lewis
1996 Bruce Dawes
1997 Leith Dawes
1998 Paul Wandner
1999 Anthony Lewis
2000 Campbell Flower
2001 Campbell Flower
2002 Brad Burch
2003 Brad Burch
2004 Matt Stapleton
2005 Adam Trzesinski
2006 Adam Trzesinski
2007 Adam Trzesinski
2008 Brad Burch
2009 Michael Artis
2010 Michael Artis
2011 Brad Burch
2012 Brad Burch
2013 Sam Miles
2014 Sam Miles
2015 Brad Burch
2016 Mark Nielsen
2017 Sam Miles
A Grade Coaches
Years Coach
1979 Keith Koehne
1980 Rod McInnes
1981-82 Wayne Broadbridge
1983-85 Brad Thomason
1986-87 Peter Munn
1988 Michael Weatherald
1989 Lyn Evans and Darryl Hampton
1990-92 Andrew Downes
1993 Michael Hayward
1994 Ian Willmott
1995-96 Robert Penny
1997 Grant Russell
1998-99 Leith Dawes
2000 Michael Warton
2001 John Richter
2002-03 Robert Head
2004 Aaron Wilkinson
2005 Kym Bartlett
2006-07 Nathan Grainger
2008-11 Ben Coleman
2012-13 Sean Nolan
2014-16 Bruce Dawes
2017- Scott Madsen
League Medallists
Year Player Medal
1980 Dennis Bishop SAFA U/16 Medal
1980 John Pritchard HFL C Grade Medal
1981 John Bowes SAFA Reserves Medal
1982 Leigh Evans HFL A3 Medal
1983 George Leverenz HFL A3 Medal
1984 Kym Lush SAFA U/18 Medal
1984 Shane Wissell SAFA U/16 Medal
1985 Shane Wissell SAFA U/16 Medal
1986 Mark Bartlett HFL Senior Colts Medal
1991 Lionel Kerr HFL Senior Colts Medal
2000 Glenn Jaunzarins HFL Senior Colts Medal
2002 Sam Miles HFL Junior Colts Medal
2006 Adam Trzesinski HFL Mail Medal
2010 Frank Clements HFL Senior Colts Medal
2014 Sam Miles HFL Mail Medal A-Grade (Country Div)
2014 Ben Gordon HFL Leading Goal Kicker A-Grade
2014 Ben Pohl HFL Leading Goal Kicker B-Grade
2014 Bruce Dawes HFL Coach of the Year
A-Grade 100 Goals in a Season
Player Year
1986 Peter Munn
1993 Ian Willmott
2014 Ben Gordon