Mt Lofty District Football Club - established 1978. A Grade premiers in 1981, 1986, 1990, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2014.
Mt Lofty District Football Club

2017 Devils 100 Club Results

100 club will be drawn at each home game. Here are the lucky winners:

Round $100 $50
Round 1 Paul Clements John Jordans
Round 2 Roger Ramsey Peter Weeks
Round 3 Fiona Straling Rob Penny
Round 4 Tony Petersen Dave Giles
Round 5 Nathan Petersen-Gray Shane Griffiths
Round 6 Heathfield Motors Dan Deans
Round 7 BYE BYE
Round 8 Leigh Whicker Neville Pauley
Round 9 Rob Evans Bruce Dawes
Round 10 Sue Evans Phil Winwood
Round 11 Martine Welfare Heathfield Motors
Round 12 Trevor Gould Mark Sinclair
Round 13 Hayden O'Shaugnessy Paul Scamoni
Round 14 DK Stevens Haydn Cutting
Round 15 Julie McCarthyBuzz Gray
Round 16 Chiz Childs Helen Hewitt
Round 17 Carl Dorsch John Dowe
Round 18 Brenton Williams Julie Baker
End of Season Major Prize
First Prize   Mary Deans
Second Prize   Brenton Lewis
Third Prize   Andrew Moritz

Results are also posted on our Mt Lofty Devils Facebook page.